Healthy Breakfast Smoothies Replaces Vitamins and The Fillers In Them!








Having trouble sticking with a plan for losing weight, building muscle and feeling better about yourself? Consuming healthy breakfast smoothies is an easy way to set new goals and the best part is how many ways you can mix and match fruits, vegetables and really anything else.

Goals don’t have to be boring anymore!

Diets and fads come and go and you are there looking at your scale wondering where you went wrong. Everyone is always trying to find the best way to eat healthy and answer their problems quickly, but never truly think through what you put in your body.

What positive effects would you see 30-90 days from today?
I truly do enjoy eating healthy, but because of the lack of time and busy schedule. It’s not feasible to cook anything you want so the quicker you can prepare a meal. The easier it will become to consistently build good habits and put better food into your body.


Why you should be drinking a smoothie daily

Before bed I have to take acid reducer pills so I can sleep soundly. Being a night owl I have a hard time waking up for work in the morning. (Am i the only one with this problem?) So I drink a smoothie in the morning to push me through the day.

I drink a minimum of 3 smoothies daily:

  • Energy Smoothie (in the morning)
  • Meal Replacement (lunch)
  • Acid reflux smoothie (before bed)

I like to do things simple as possible so I take my nutribullet to work with me and having access to a freezer for my fruits/ice it saves me a lot of money eating fast food.

Here are a few common problems many people face with an associated smoothie recipe to help:

  • Skin Problems (ex. acne)
  • Detox
  • Acid Reflux
  • Water Weight
  • Energy
  • Weight Loss

Healthy Breakfast Smoothies really aren’t hard to make. Even though I made plenty that I couldn’t even stomach it became easier as I always tried new fruit and vegetable combinations. Start experimenting and try some of these smoothie ingredients.


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